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Free Printable Black and White Shapes for Babies

black and white shapes for baby

Free Printable Black and Whites Shapes for your Baby

You have probably heard that black and white shapes are good for your babies focus.  It can take babies eyes anywhere from 3 to 5 months to begin to straighten up and focus correctly.  So to help your baby strengthen their eyes and develop their focus you can do exercises to help develop their focus.

All you need to do is show them some black and white shapes, and then slowly move them in and out, and back and forth.  To get you started I have provided some free printable black and white shapes below that you can use with your baby.  If you want more ideas on ways to keep them amused then visit our baby activities page.

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We hope you have enjoyed these free printable black and white shapes for your baby.  For more activities for your newborn baby. Please visit our baby activities page.